Lash Extensions at Shirley’s Beauty Clinic

I recently made a trip to Shirley’s Beauty Clinic in Glanmire for a set of eyelash extensions, I have previously had two separate sets of lash extensions that have cost a fortune but have only lasted between a week to 10 days so I was hoping that I would have better luck this time!


Shirley’s has been open in the heart of Glanmire since 1998 and provides a massive range of different treatments and a very high level of experienced therapists.

They do Russian volume lashes which are a technique using ultra light extensions, your technician hand makes a fan and places it on one natural lash.

 The end result is a dense lash line with a soft, fluffy finish that’s lighter in weight than traditional extensions and healthier for your natural lash.

Also known as 2D, 3D, 4D etc Eyelash Extensions, Russian Volume is the newest technology in Eyelash Extensions that are proven to out-perform classic (or 1D) Eyelash Extensions in density and comfort as well as being healthier on the natural eyelash because of the lighter weight application.

 The volume acheiveable with Classic Eyelash Extensions is limited to the number of natural eyelashes a person has. Those with thin and sparse natural eyelashes weren’t able to acheive a volumous look due to the damage the weight of a heavy extension would cause. 

They offer three different levels of eyelash extensions looks depending on the amount of eyelashes you want applied and the intensity of the look desired.

Keria was my therapist and I chose the most natural option Shirley’s has on offer but the results were still absolutely incredible.

eyelash extension difference
Eyelashes with mascara vs Ms Elegant Eyelash extensions

Russian volume lashes lasts between 4-8 weeks provided they are cared for correctly.

Shirley’s give a detailed aftercare leaflet and lash brush in order to care for your lashes.

  1. Brush lashes daily.

Keep your lashes looking nice and fresh with a little brush throughout the day. You should receive a brand new mascara wand after every appointment to keep them nice and aligned. Lashes should not need to be force brushed. If they are done properly, a little light brush is all you need. They should never look messy.

2. Cleanse lashes daily.

It’s so important to cleanse your lashes daily. Eyelashes catch debris and dust from entering into your eyes. If you are not cleansing daily, those debris and bacteria’s build up on your extensions. Yuck!

3. Maintain them by getting fills no later than every 3 weeks.

Because of the natural lash shedding cycle, you need to maintain your eyelash extensions to keep them looking fresh and full, nice and even.

4. Use oily substances.

Oil degrades the adhesive slowly. So be sure to steer clear of all oily lotions and potions that get near your eyes.

5. Pick or pull on your lashes.

Natural eyelashes go through a shedding cycle, just like your hair! Lashes fall out, with the extension attached, and a new lash grows in its place. Picking and pulling on those extensions runs the risk of premature shedding, and there is only so many pulls before lashes don’t grow back! Eyelashes are the most delicate cycle on the body, so treat them with care.

I booked in for an eyelash top-up after four weeks.

after 5 weeks
Eyelashes after 4 weeks

The full set of Ms. Elegant lashes took 1 hours and cost me €65 and the lash top-up a month later cost €30 and only took 30 minutes to complete.

eyelash top up
After eyelash top-up

I am now completely hooked on lash extensions and will definitely be back!

Appointments can be through Shirley’s Beauty Clinic’s Facebook page here.

Until Next Time.

Happy Shopping

Not So Dumb Blonde X