Finding My Selfie


A year ago I got lost….

Fresh from completing an honours degree in Electrical Engineering I decided to swerve and take the ultimate U-turn, and signed myself up for a Masters in Business. I was burnt out from the rigorous 4 year course I choose for myself as a naive 18 year old, so perhaps I mistook utter exhaustion for a distaste for my undergrad qualification, but truthfully I believe I just forgot who I was.

I had a successful Beauty Blog, I was good at makeup, I loved all things girly- so I got scared, I thought by plunging myself into a Masters with marketing and business that I would somehow fit the mould of the person I was becoming- I subconsciously let myself fall into this trap whereby I had myself convinced I couldn’t be all girly and all engineer.

But I forgot that as well as beauty blogger, I was the girl who grew up playing with lego, who built bikes out of knex, the hardest person in the world to argue with because I am solution driven I want to solve the problem rather than leave things hovering in some grey area.

And so, unlike others who need to travel the world to find themselves all I had to do was a Business Masters, which was possibly the best decision I will ever make, where I met the best people in the world who helped my find myself again. Someone who, honestly has been missing for a long time.

Someone who quickly discovered that I should never have attempted to disregard my degree, but yet stand beside all the other strong women, the ones who were laughed at in school for picking “manly” courses, the ones who ignored everyone who said we couldn’t do it and delight in the shocked responses when people find out you are an engineer. 

While my career path may still be a little foggy as I enter my second year of my Masters, but one thing’s very certain, my name is Barbara and I am an Electrical Engineer and a Beauty Blogger.

May you never try to only choose parts of who you are, because who said you can’t be both!


**This Blog was inspired by Engineers Ireland’s Women in Engineering **

all the best people are

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