Holding On At The Fitness Centre- Week 3

Week 3 Weightloss: -2lbs

Total Weightloss: -10lbs


Can I just begin by apologizing for being MIA recently, I’m not my usual bloggy self- but there’s a good reason, my mother and partner in crime, had surgery on her knee last Thursday and things have been a little mental since. I’m trying to maintain a healthy balance between diet and exercise but it would be so incredibly easy to pick up a takeaway on the way home after a busy day at work- but nonetheless mothers everywhere cook dinners everyday so what’s my excuse, I have a job to do and I’m working on myself.

I have a tendency to put myself last in general situations, boyfriend, work and college come before Barbara- because those are my jobs, my titles, I am a girlfriend, intern and a Masters student. But I’m Barbara first and I deserve just as much attention as I give the rest of my life. And that’s losing weight and that’s for me!

So just like every week I kitted myself out and arrived at my weekly gym sessions, and you know what? I actually miss it when I’m not there, to a point where I’m trying to figure out if I can add an extra session! It’s fast, fun and fabulous and it’s those 30 minutes that are all about me, where I can block out the work worries and the college trouble and just focus on my training and it’s a godsend.

But what about the diet part? Well I’ll be honest I was very well behaved, guzzling green tea and grazing on fruit and almonds and I was back eating a hearty breakfast of porridge and almond milk! Recipe for success yes?! No not so much, mentally because I was running around so much I had aimed to be down more weight, and don’t get me wrong, another loss of 2lbs is fantastic, I mean I have already hit my personal goal and I have one more week on the plan- but maybe I have just gotten greedy, a little obsessive. But I just felt bloated and puffy! Does anyone else experience this, that when you get so inside your own head that the weight doesn’t shift? That or maybe I’m secretly sleep eating unbeknownst to myself!

So this week I’m reminding myself that this is a weight-loss journey, a marathon and not a sprint, and I am the thinnest and lightest I have been since just before I turned 18 and while I didn’t see any change in my measurements this week, that’s not to say there won’t be a change next week or the week after! I’m aiming to end on a high, with a personal goal between 2-4lbs- either way I have lost 10lbs in 3 WEEKS, I’m down a bra size and I’m typing this up in an old pair of black SIZE 12 skinny jeans, so goodbye old dress size.


Feeling incredibly philosophical this week as I enter my fourth and final week of the starter programme At The Fitness centre is that a weight-loss journey is selfish, its long and its probably one of the hardest thing people have to do, chipping away at themselves, sculpting themselves in a way they want. It’s you working on you- and that’s my new job.

So when I observe how they work in At The Fitness Centre, the numbers on the scale seem as little importance, they’re more concerned with your fitness, your body and your general health it’s all about helping you improve you….

So this is Barbara, finishing the starter programme at the end of this week, addicted and planning to sign up to the next plan……join me running the weight-loss marathon, dear bikini body I’m coming for you!!


For a list of their programmes and more info contact At The Fitness Centre here

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