Hanging Out At The Fitness Centre- Week 2

Week 2 Weightloss: -2lbs

Total Weightloss: -8lbs


This week I learned the sheer importance of exercise and a routine, for those of you who don’t know I tend to suffer from depression, especially during the dark winter months. The weight of all the stresses in my life begin to take it’s toll and I struggle to muster up enough energy to crawl out of bed, let alone exercise or attempt to lose weight. It’s a battle!

But this last week was different, while I had zero interest in coming to the gym, I HAD to go. I had made a personal training appointment, I would feel as if I was letting the guys At The Fitness Centre down if I didn’t go- so I went. Despite almost missing my first session of the week I still showed up!

I’m not sure if it was the fact I was even stricter with my diet this week or maybe I didn’t drink enough water, but I was wiped out, this week I am monitoring everything over on my snapchat @barbaraom to make sure I’m eating enough- But every week I learn more!

The three 30 minute sessions suit my life perfectly, I had to travel to London and back during the week with work and still managed to fit in all my workouts and weigh ins.

While mentally I felt I was dis-improving I was physically stronger this week, its amazing to watch how just 30 minute sessions of weights training 3 times a week can change you, mind and body! I also began incorporating a 10 minute blast on the spin bike before each of my sessions, I have vowed to rid myself of my thunder thighs once and for all- not before my legs session though, I’m not that tough- YET!


I believe week 2 was my make or break week and I still managed a loss of 2lbs, that’s over half a stone in 2 weeks with these guys! When I think back to how other weeks would go, when I’d feel down in the dumps, they’d result in overeating, takeaways and rubbish sleep patterns, but not this week. I may not have been the hyperactive, endorphin fueled gym bunny I was in week 1, but I ate healthy, I drank green tea and I still gave it everything At The Fitness Centre.

Week three’s goal in another 2lbs and I’m drinking green tea and water by the gallon and snacking on almonds, berries and fat free natural yogurt to help me on my journey. I have also started including some vitamins in my morning routine to help boost my mood and my energy because every little helps- My first training session of the week is tonight and it’s legs so….Chris Mc…



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