8 Essentials every successful woman carries in her handbag…


“I think most of us, while we may look at the cute little purses, our lives don’t fit a cute little purse. Our lives fit something that is in between a purse and a briefcase, and that’s what I carry.” Claire McCaskill, US Senator.

Every woman owns a bag, it’s a bag not a purse, big enough to keep our lives organized, large enough to conceal all our secrets. They reflect our personalities from chic and minimalist to flamingo pink and leopard print. Strong and durable, a little like the owner herself.

And yet the handbag is not the most accessory, it is but the case holding all the vital items inside, essential to a successful woman’s everyday life. Here are our top 8 things successful women need in their handbags.

  1. Accessories and gadgets for your smartphone

Staying connected is key and professional women always have their smartphone or tablet in hand for readily available access to their emails and important contacts. A standard charger will do little for the woman who is always on the go and losing battery life, loses connection which can cost you money in this day and age. A portable charger is a must for every handbag!

H&M Portable Charger in Rose Gold


2. Notebook/ Diary

While some people may create lists on their phones and use their Outlook account to manage their schedule, a good notebook and diary allows you to jot down ideas, activities throughout your day and other important lists with just the click of a pen. Whether its a work to-do list, a phone number or simply the shopping list, a notebook or diary is the quickest way to keep everything organized.

3.  Healthy Snack

A balanced diet and brain fuel is vital for optimum performance. Vitamin rich food like fruit and nuts are ideal for focus and concentration, and dried fruits are ideal in the afternoons to help in avoiding that 3pm slump!

However, the single most important item in every successful woman’s handbag should be her water bottle, hydration counteracts fatigue and keeps appetite regular, to keep strong and healthy. We should drink up to half our body weight in water for proper concentration and superior work performance.


water bottle.PNG
Bobble Water Bottle

4. Gym Membership

In the most typical New Year, New Me fashion I signed up for a months worth of swimming in the gym closest to my job in the attempts of a making exercise a staple in my day. I now swim each day before work which appears to be improving productivity and reducing the stress before it even appears.


A good workout is filled with overwhelming benefits and releases endorphins, all while gaining strength and stamina to withstand anything the world can throw at you- prepare for world domination!

5. A good pair of flats!

While I have personally given up on my high heels, I reserve them for special occasions and car to bar outings, it doesn’t mean you have to!

Just carry a pair of flats in your handbag for a quick change, and just because their flat doesn’t mean they don’t have to be stylish!


6. Power Lipstick

Studies have shown that women should wear a bolder colour in presentations and meetings compared to their usual everyday look, to appear more confident. Regardless of the rest of your makeup, a quick swipe of good lipstick and you look put together in seconds.

Just make sure to pick a color that compliments your skin tone to make sure you look healthy and chic!

Red is my favourite pick for power lipstick; fair and medium complexions should pick a blue based red and embrace the pale, whereas olive and deeper complexions should choose a rusty, burgundy or berry tinted red.

Chanel Rouge

7. USB Flash Drive

Keeping a flash drive on your keys allows you to check and back up important documents at all times. A life saver when traveling and giving presentations out of office.

MAC Lipstick Memory Stick

8. Card Holder

Gone are the day where we could fit all our cards in our purses, from our gym membership cards, to our bus passes and even to our coffee loyalty cards, modern women are inundated with various important cards and keeping them safe in a separate compartment is paramount to quick and easy access. A cardholder is for the woman who has everything!

New Season Givenchy Cardholder

Do you carry any of these in your handbag- what are your essentials?


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