“Nailing it” at The Beauty Boutique


I have been wearing nail extensions since I discovered them at age 16. As a nail biter my nails never looked long and pretty so when I stumbled across gel nails I became hooked! I never really stuck to one nail salon or nail technician and went through phases of letting them grow out until they fell off or picking at them before trying a different salon, disgusting I know!

This was until I met Sarah-Jane, owner of The Beauty Boutique, I came across her page on Facebook and made and appointment for gel nails, this was exactly a year ago and I have never looked back. Her beauty rooms are situated in Vanilla Hair Design in Glanmire where she caters for all your beauty needs, but above all she is my nail guru!

When I first walked into the salon a year I was blown away by the amount of bright, vibrant and current colours she had, she has the best selection of gel colours I have ever seen!

My very first set of talons from Sarah-Jane

She can do a range of designs and nail shapes and doesn’t charge extra for my desired almond shaped claws as can be seen above.

I go back to her every three weeks for refills but mainly for the chats, it’s really like going to meet one of your best friends, though I now can’t choose a nail colour without her say so!

As someone who uses their hands a lot, I normally only got about 10 days to two weeks with my nail extensions, however, with Sarah Jane my nails last anywhere between three to five weeks and I have had these nails during my electrical engineering degree in college!

Recently I have upgraded my gel extensions to acrylics with Sarah-Jane and I can safely say I am never going back. For those of you who have ever gotten gel nails you will have most likely experienced the pain of the gel setting underneath the UV lamp, not with acrylics!

Beauty does not have to be painful!

First Set of Nude Acrylics

Acrylic nails are a mixture of liquid monomer and powder polymers that harden in air providing a hard canvas in which any of Sarah Jane’s selection of gel polishes can be applied to, the above photo shows the acrylic nails hardened with a clear gel polish. These beauty’s lasted me over a month!


These are my most recent set, a stunning autumnal burgundy colour, perfect for the new coming season!

A full set of gel or acrylic nails from The Beauty Boutique are €40 with refills being €30 and appointments can be made here.

Until next time,

Happy Shopping,

Not So Dumb Blonde X

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