Acupuncture for Anxiety

So I haven't blogged in an age, call it what you will, but I think I suffer from regular writer's block. That, or I just do not do enough outside work and a Master's to create interesting content. Like who

Finding My Selfie

A year ago I got lost.... Fresh from completing an honours degree in Electrical Engineering I decided to swerve and take the ultimate U-turn, and signed myself up for a Masters in Business. I was burnt out from the rigorous

The Cork Rose Centre is like Carlsberg- Probably the best in the world.

I never really told anyone the real reason I entered the Cork Rose of Tralee, while of course I have always wanted to enter and I really did want to make new friends coming from an all male Engineering class,

Monday Makeup Madness- All about the base!

I'm struggling today, this Monday lunchtime, I'm currently tucked behind my desk gazing out at the blue skies and stunning weather as I attempt to motivate myself to begin trekking through the mountain of Masters work in my path, and

Afternoon tea with Eimear Varian Barry

On Sunday I met one of the most fabulous people, the most down to earth, friendly and inspiring person. Did I mention she is also a super fabulous, accomplished blogger?! Eimear Varian Barry! EVB speaking with

Hanging Out At the Fitness Centre- Week 5

Total Starter Program Weightloss: -11lbs Total pounds lost in week 5: -?- Soooo I finished the 4 week starter program and I lost a total of 11lbs! Which is amazing right?! I am the lightest I've been in about three

Holding On At The Fitness Centre- Week 3

Week 3 Weightloss: -2lbs Total Weightloss: -10lbs Can I just begin by apologizing for being MIA recently, I'm not my usual bloggy self- but there's a good reason, my mother and partner in crime, had surgery on her knee last

Hanging Out At The Fitness Centre- Week 2

Week 2 Weightloss: -2lbs Total Weightloss: -8lbs This week I learned the sheer importance of exercise and a routine, for those of you who don't know I tend to suffer from depression, especially during the dark winter months. The weight

Hanging out At The Fitness Centre- Week 1

Total Loss: 6lbs Total Gains: Energy, Confidence, a new lease of life and there's probably some muscle somewhere too! It has been exactly one week since I officially began my starter program in At The Fitness Centre, and while I